Camera Bags

You are on your way. Maybe you’ve taken the plunge and delved into a digital SLR, or perhaps you are staying with a simple point and shoot. In either case, a thought should be given to a camera bag of some type. After all, you want to protect your investment, make it a little easier to carry around, and if you have things like filters and different lenses, you should have a place to keep these accessories.

Point and Shoot

I have a couple of simple point and shoot cameras that I use for fun everyday pictures or those times that might pop up when I’m not out and about with my DSLR camera. I carry a fun little Nikon CoolPix in the car. Takes pretty good pics, it’s small and protected inside a simple case. I never know when I might find something I want a picture of later on down the road.

Digital SLR

I also have DSLR camera that I take when I’m going to do some more serious photography. I’ve got a selection of filters, lenses, flash attachments, microphones and the like. The whole kit would be cumbersome to tote around if it were not for the selection of bags that I have.

Shoulder Carry Bag

One of my favorite bags is a shoulder carry camera bag. It’s roomy enough for the camera, a second lens, and a few other things like cleaning gear, spare SD cards, filters and the like. It really doesn’t have room for multiple lenses, tripod, flash accessories or additional equipment that I am likely to buy in the future.

Back Pack

For those times when I anticipate needing to carry additional gear with me, I use a back pack camera bag. Its large enough to carry the basics, and there’s also room for the bigger items I mentioned above. Another good thing is obvious, when you have a back pack, your hands are free giving you more mobility and the ability to carry more stuff.


Each camera bag has it’s place depending on need. From the small simple case for my point and shoot, to the bigger bags for my DSLR. I like to go on what I call a photo safari. On these safaris, I’ll carry all of my gear as I never know what might pop up. I can easily transition from one bag to another as needed, or, carry both my shoulder and pack bags. With any of the bags I touched briefly on, comes ease of carry, portability of equipment, and safely and securely of my gear.






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